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Professional I.T. Services & Managed Technology Consulting You Can Trust

Laptop / Computer Repair

At some Point Laptops and Desktops fail on us, it may just be a fan failure or it could be a CPU failure, whatever the problem there is always a solution.

Cloud Services

Sometimes you may not have the space for servers to be on all day and night serving you your data, whether its files or if its apps, we can host what you need.

Virus & Spyware Removal

When ever a device is on the internet there is always a chance you could get infected. Viruses and Spyware can collect details on you such as bank info and emails without you knowing and will need sorting as soon as possible.

Cyber Security

As time goes on Cyber Security seems more and more important which it is. Every day 4,000 computers are breached. To help prevent this we can offer you Physical Cyber Security and Software Based Security.

Data Recovery & Backup Plan

Everyone has had that time when you are doing some work on a computer and when you come back to finish it, it has gone. Save yourself the stress and contact us to keep your data safe.

Public Wifi

Most Public areas have Public Wifi such as coffee shops or restaurants. We offer a Public Wifi Service to those who have an Internet connection.

Network Design

We are moving in to a digital world where we are relying on everyday devices talking to each other to make our life easier, to do this we can design and fit a network for you.

VOIP Telephony Services

Tired of extortionate telephone bills? For a mere fraction of the cost, we can provide you with a top class VOIP Telephony Service, including state of the art CISCO handsets.

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